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The Mummy
One 30 second spot $75 per week

(Can be divided into two :15 or three :10 spots)

Wolf Man
Two 30 second spots  $150 per week

(Can be divided into four :15 or six :10 spots)

Five 30 second spots $300 per week

(Can be divided into ten :15 spots)

Ten 30 second spots $550 per week

Five commercial lead ins and tags on all WBGN promo spots (30 per week)


      New - special offer!    


Finding money to advertise is tough these days, but it's more important than ever to attract new business. Here is the answer - our most affordable advertising package to date...


The Facehugger

Four stinger ads - Only $25 per week

Stinger ads are short but very effective commercials. Get your name, logo and contact information into one million households for a fraction of what you might pay for print or radio.

"In your face" advertising at a price even a paper boy can afford! How's that grab ya?


Easy. No set up costs. Simply email us an image or logo and it's on TV the very next week.





Commercials are run in all broadcasts and webcasts of It's Alive each week. As of 6/13/2009, this will include but not be limited to: Saturday at 10:00 PM on WEPA (formally WBGN) and on demand at www.theitsaliveshow.com . All packages require a minimum 13 show commitment. Pricing for limited run advertising available upon request.

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